Light-matter interactions

Light-Matter interactions

Nanostructures in catalysis and health

What makes a material interesting? A “material”, something with a known and reproducible chemical composition only becomes interesting when it does something important, useful, desirable or with significant value added. A material is only as good or useful as the applications we can find for it.

The team led by Scaiano studies light-matter interactions in relations to materials: synthesis of materials using light, steering of chemical reactions (including catalysis) using light, light as a diagnostic or therapeutic agent in medicine. Several teams in Science, Engineering and Medicine contribute to these common goals. 

Research groups in the Light-Matter interactions team


Scaiano Group: Light-matter interactions are centred on Applied Photochemistry and its uses to prepare materials, many utilized for catalysis and health or cosmetics. Scaiano’s group emphasizes that understanding materials is key to their multiple applications, for example TiO2 can be modified to be a selective catalyst, or one so poor that finds applications as a sun block. Several projects in the area of nanomaterials are co-supervised by Research Associate Anabel Lanterna. For more information visit Scaiano’s website.